“A Memorable Catch”

To Mike

Re: Fishing trip with Arafura Bluewater Charters on Mon 22/8/05 from Mandorah Jetty in Cullen Bay Darwin.

Just a quick note to let ou know we took part in the fishing trip with Arafura Charters on Mon 22/8/05 and it was a great day. We caught a large variety of different species throughout the day. The weather was hot (compared to Melbourne!!!) which made it even more enjoyable for us as we finally escaped the Melbourne winter chills for a short time.

The best part of the trip for me was the 15kg Black Jewfish which I managed to hookup and bring into the boat, with the help of both crew members on board. This is the biggest fish I have ever caught anywhere and it was certainly a memorable catch for both myself and my husband who just looked on in astonishment when he actually saw how big it was. There was also a large number of golden snapper caught on the day which were also fun to catch.

Overall, both my husband and I had a memorable and enjoyable time of the Terri Tiki boat as did the other passengers on board. We have no hestitation in recommending this type of trip to anyone else we know who might be heading up to Darwin for an extended period and happens to be in search of a charter boat tour operator to go out with for the day.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to yourself and to the crew members of the Terri Tiki boat who looked after everyone on board and were alway ready to help whenever anyone needed it.

Thankyou again for helping us to arrange this trip and making it possible for us to experience a fun day fishing the offshore reefs of Darwin.

From Rosa and Ray Micallef
(Very happy fishermen!!!!)