“Great Day On The Water”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company and staff for a great day on the water.

The Charter on the “Tiki” with the skipper Kerion & the decky Beth was a great day out and as we have Managing Directors, Company Officials and Valued Clients on board this was a great way to close off one of Allbuilt’s larger building contracts.

Your skipper Kerion was professional from start to fisnish with good wit and personality plus his knowledge of the local spots without being pugnacious. His work and dedication to achieving a great day out plus time to fnd the right spots was superb also the control of his craft while both in motion and whilst fishing was brilliant. His exception work in hooking the mackerel’s was great and again he should be applauded as we all appreciate his delivery of your companies professionalism.

Your deck hand Beth while we were sceptical at the start, she proved to be a worthy team member to assist Kerion with the running of the charter. Credit must be given to Beth for her tireless effort in keeping the fishing area pristine and also keeping friendly with all on board during the hustle and bustle of the charter. I was most impressed with her attention to detail after our days fishing was over and the return home was underway the fishing area deck was clean from top to bottom without disturbance of the members of the charter. For a person of her age to have this work ethic and consideration is refreshing and hard to find.

Again thanks for the charter and in the future we would look at another charter in the future and also recommending your business to others.


Ray Somerville
General Manager
Allbuilt Constructions